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And she could scarcely make out anything

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Birthdate:Jun 23, 1986
Location:Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States of America
Website:personal library
I'm a World History major with an emphasis in genocide studies. My life largely consists of going to class, studying for class, drinking coffee and/or tea, yoga, crafting, and sleeping. When I'm not engaging in such high octane and extreme activities, I'm probably doing laundry, baking or tending to my garden.

By religious definition I am a very progressive Jew, but theologically speaking agnosticism is probably more correct. I am affiliated with Reform. I keep selectively kosher, honor Shabbos rather poorly if we're honest about it and kvetch often in Yinglish. I love folklore, religion and mysticism tons, though.

Heavily involved in social justice initiatives, disability politics, socialist politics, fighting censorship, and living a green/eco-friendly life. I also enjoy coupons more than what should be considered healthy for any individual.

Multiple Sclerosis plagues my life because it is a sadist. I would punch it into submission but that would likely not end well for me since we unfortunately share the same body. Damn you, MS!

And that is boring me in a nutshell...
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