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2011-02-19 11:33 pm
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i know

Anon Post
Post whatever, I don't care. If you're frustrated and need to get something out. Excited over something you would feel otherwise stupid saying? Have fun. Have the overwhelming urge to be an asshole, go to town! Just, uh, be aware your comments will probably be screened. IP logging is off.

Spring is coming and with it, new beginnings. Slough off whatever you need to.
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2011-02-14 11:14 pm
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Friends Locked + Intro

Since several of my friends have migrated over to Dreamwidth, and because I forgot the password to my original account (whoops), I have created an account in order to keep in touch with everyone on this end.

On Livejournal, I am known as '[ profile] rosicrucian' - previously 'shortage' - and have been active since the site was created. Call it addictive, or having a lot of free time better spent elsewhere, but there you go. I frequently post on [ profile] ontd_political, [ profile] atheist_fail, and several other websites there.

This, like the content there, will likely be kept locked. Feel free to add me; I do not bite and am in fact quite friendly!
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2003-12-09 09:16 pm



At this current point in time, [most] content in this journal ([ profile] rosicrucian) are in a friends only state. If you are new to LiveJournal, this means that they are only viewable to people that I trust enough to add to my friends list. As I am an extremely private individual - and now work a job where I frequently handle sensitive information - this is not likely to change. However, if I look interesting to you for any reason whatsoever (my userinfo, you've seen me around, etc.), you are more than welcome to comment to this entry and let me know if you would like to friend me. I'm surprisingly lax about it.