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Felica ([personal profile] rosewood) wrote2011-02-14 11:14 pm
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Friends Locked + Intro

Since several of my friends have migrated over to Dreamwidth, and because I forgot the password to my original account (whoops), I have created an account in order to keep in touch with everyone on this end.

On Livejournal, I am known as '[ profile] rosicrucian' - previously 'shortage' - and have been active since the site was created. Call it addictive, or having a lot of free time better spent elsewhere, but there you go. I frequently post on [ profile] ontd_political, [ profile] atheist_fail, and several other websites there.

This, like the content there, will likely be kept locked. Feel free to add me; I do not bite and am in fact quite friendly!
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[personal profile] tcpip 2011-02-15 08:08 am (UTC)(link)
My apologies; I selected the wrong link on your application to the socialist's community. I have sent you a new invitation.